Sophie NovakOn Curiosity is the creation of Sophie Novak, an ultimate daydreamer and curious soul, who also contributes to the Write Practice, and can be found either translating or reading at any time of day.

Originally from Macedonia and a recent resident of the UK, you can get more personal essays from Sophie in the newsletter to this blog or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

This blog isn’t a series of posts/texts about curiosity. Rather, curiosity is implied, hinted at; it underlies all the questions posed. And let me tell you: you’ll find a lot of questions here. Because to ask a question is the primary point of any investigation, exploration, quest, search or a hint of ever finding an answer. Asking questions is human curiosity. Looking for answers comes later, after asking the questions and the right questions that is.

To find a meaning requires perspective. Looking at different perspectives is the purpose of this blog. This means tapping into the fields of: philosophy, psychology, sociology, culture, anthropology, history, art and more. Capturing and exploring ideas is another one. In this age of information abundance, following what’s out there is easy and difficult; difficult for the time-consuming process, and yet only by diving into the disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas may we be able to finally connect the dots. Creation and creativity arises from connecting the dots. And these two are at the very core of this platform – to inspire the reader to create.

If you’re curious enough, I’m sure you’ve already signed up. I hope you enjoy.

I would love to hear from any reader: sophienovak@yahoo.com.


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