Are you consciously and devotedly curating content? What does that mean?

Not so long ago, curating was associated with exhibitions and museums. Selecting art and other exhibits was the job of museum curators who held the right to it almost exclusively. Who else? Editors sorting through submissions and other published content when composing a collection or an anthology.

Well, those days are over.

Content curation has taken over and speedily caused a revolution. Today, everyone is a curator. The links, videos, and posts you share through various channels – social media – is the content you’ve specifically chosen, organized, thought through, maybe commented on, and finally shared with your network of contacts.

Through the content you’re sharing, you’re showing off your personality, tastes, affinities, interests, thoughts and ideas. And while on one side is this content curation which appears mostly random, in the sense of not being explicitly concentrated on one area or target audience, on the other side are the expert content curators. They are focused on a niche subject, and are the reference point for this topic.

By skimming, sometimes in-depth reading, researching, organizing, and lastly (re)producing the content, content curators are the know-it-alls, the information bunker, and the place to go for keeping up-to-date, learning, and connecting.

Given the global information abundance, content curators are tools for protecting oneself from frying the brain with the unnecessary. Time is today’s currency, and expert curators save time.

Thus, for example if you are interested in inspiring ideas, you should turn to TED talks; If you’re into content marketing, check out Copyblogger, and so on.

Newsletter Announcement

Along these lines, I’d like to announce that I’m starting a newsletter.

Now, I am no expert. But there is something unmistakable about me: I do read. Avidly, passionately, over-regularly, almost as if my life depended on it.

I read journals, magazines, books, blogs, newspapers, comics, flyers, banners. There are genres I generally avoid: crime novels, YA fiction, fantasy, and sports. As for the rest I embrace it lovingly: art, literature, social sciences, and interdisciplinary/overlapping genres.

By summarizing the lessons from my current reads and the subsequent thoughts they’ve stimulated, and also reproducing snippets of wisdom through quotations, I am launching a newsletter with the aim of sharing the insights gained on my never-ending reading journey.

There will be excerpts, there will be thought-provoking questions, there will be praise and criticism, there will be occasional personal references, there will be opinions, and there will be an invitation for discussion. Also, there will be recommendations, free gifts in the form of ebooks and guides.

Only the ‘best of’ my current reads is to find its way in the newsletter, in order to provide more space to discuss the worthwhile ideas.

Those of you who’re already subscribed by email to this blog will receive the newsletter in your inboxes. As for everyone else who’s interested, I invite you to subscribe and become a part.

That’s it folks. Make sure to be on the list and share with your friends and contacts since the first newsletter is going out in a few days.

What are your thoughts on content curation?


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