What is the first thing you do when presented with a challenge? How do you generally approach challenges?

Regardless of whether you’re adventurous or not, people’s lives will be pretty boring without any challenges. Development and growth are conditioned by them. If this is the case, why the whole resistance towards facing new ones?

Challenge Resistance

In trying to tackle these questions, I tried to analyse my usual response when being presented with a challenge. After looking back and considering all past situations, it seems that in each instance I have undergone the same emotion – a mixture of fear and excitement.

challenges, fear, excitement, personal development, growth

Photo by Randy Robertson

Fear is an adequate human reaction to something new, an announcement of potential change, even if that change is much better than the present reality.  This feeling of fear can paralyze you, if you allow it to master your mind and any positive feelings associated with the challenge. So how do you overcome this overwhelming horror?

Let the excitement beat the fear. As simple as that. The enthusiasm should outgrow the distress. Asking yourself the question of what is the worst that can happen should you attempt trying to accept the challenge, can prove to be of much help in conquering the beast. Of course, this can help assuming that the answer to the question is not worse than imagining your missed chance and future regrets.

Beating Down Fear

When two sides are confronted, one needs to prevail. It can never be equal, weighed down to the slightest proportion. Just as you can’t love two people the same. Which side will you let prevail – the fear or the excitement?

The excuse of feeling fear only isn’t good, because if the challenge doesn’t stimulate you at all, then it’s definitely not one worth pursuing. It’s like talking about walking barefoot on fire – makes no sense in regard to your personal development.

They don’t say ‘Do the thing that frightens you the most’ for nothing; the best aspirations are also your top fears. It’s an indicator of what stands outside your comfort zone, and what will make you grow as a result once you decide to step out the comfort and embrace the discomfort.

With dedication, the discomfort actually becomes comfortable in no time and your circle expands, until the next thing that will challenge you to step out again.

What is your emotional response to challenges? How do you usually put up with the resistance? 


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Emotional Response to Challenges?

  1. Wow. Great idea, Sophie. I love that idea of pitting my enthusiasm and fear against each other. Cliff diving, for example, scares me, but I don’t like cliff diving very much anyway. Publishing a novel on the other hand, scares me, but I’m willing to face humiliation over it because I’m so passionate about it.

    • Thanks Joe! All extreme sports scare me, and I’d rather skip trying them out altogether. As for writing, I hear you. You’re definitely on your way though and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. I’m convinced that everything done passionately has a value. 🙂

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