Is the leap from one to another year always a big thing? Are we celebrating the expiration of time?

It seems that the yearly sequence has been chosen as a well-weighed time period for taking a break and looking both behind and ahead.

For those following this blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been missing this month. I did take a break, though not to rest or analyse, but to wrap up the year and prepare the necessities for the new one. Busy as usual, but exciting nevertheless.

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On 2012

Without much structuring and ordering, these are most of the things I managed to do in 2012:

–          Started this blog

–          Became a Write Practice contributor

–          Joined Twitter and  got to know many interesting and fascinating people  as a result

–          Maintained a full-time job & underwent two promotions

–          Successfully implemented a big project in the company

–          Attended few trainings, conferences, workshops (work & pleasure combined)

–          Had my translation of the debut novel by Jon McGregor published

–          Had a short story published (shortlisted for a contest)

–          Had a translation of a short story published in a literary magazine

–          Set up a new department in the company

–          Completed my last level of Italian lessons

–          Completed a photography course that resulted with a group exhibition (bought my first camera)

–          Joined the gym and exercised on regular basis (improved energy levels)

–          Quit my job and moved out on 31st of December (moved to the UK in January)

–          Managed to invest in much needed savings by spending less and earning more

–          Visited 4 countries

–          Went to a Metallica concert (May 2012) and International Book Fair (October 2012), both in Belgrade

–          Read 68 print books

The reason behind publishing this is to remind myself this year about the previous one and stay true to myself and self-accountable in pursuing 2013 goals.

In 2012, it was the first time I’ve actually released my thoughts on particular resolutions on paper, rather than keeping everything in the head. Thus, having the list stuck on the wall, easily visible day in and day out, it was easier to actually start working on those goals.

On 2013

My findings from last year are that as soon as you succeed in one of them (or even half of one) the positive feelings of accomplishment give you even more energy to keep going further. This starts the great-unvicious-circle of moving forward.

I’ve completed the list for 2013 and it should soon find its way on the wall in my new working area. Rather than talking about goals, my intention is to talk about results; hence the above. What matters in the end is not what was intended, but the achieved. The best of intentions lose any substance until materialized.

All I have to say in the end is thank you for everyone following and reading this blog, and if anyone is eager on finding particular content, I’m welcoming any suggestions and requests on email in the upcoming period, while working on the new expanded blog/content concept.

Over to you: How was 2012 for you? Are you a goal-setter or more of a spontaneous personality that lives a list-free life? 


4 thoughts on “Taking a Break and 2012 in Review

  1. Wow girl that was some serious achievement! I like the idea of not lamenting the lost goals but instead celebrating the things that get done. I tend to get bogged down in the guilt of unreached goals. But what’s the point?

    • Thanks Rachel. No point at all in concentrating on what hasn’t been done, unless you’re identifying a major factor that should be overcome in the future. Results are results. Hope to see you around in the blogosphere.

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