How do you feel about restrictions? Do they cause you anxiety? Stress? The perception of being stuck?

As a firm advocate of human freedom encompassing all groups, ethnicities, religions, categories, ages, determinedly heading towards release from the chains of stereotypes and prejudices; any advance in emancipation has always been a point to spire to for me.

Yet various restrictions have taught me to be more creative and wise. Life is full of paradoxes.

Circumstances are a Hiding Point 

Innate time management skills don’t exist; learning is the path to be taken and acquired, more or less effectively, depending on an individual’s personality. Circumstances, whatever they may be, aren’t important here. Why? Because they are an excuse.

restrictions, circumstances, feeling limited, being restricted

Photo by Kashif Mardani

Because there are always ways to tweak, to pursue, to be creative with what you’re in control of – and that’s you.

You are the mastermind of whatever little time is on your hands, after and in-between work, study, related commitments, family, inescapable errands.

Tips on getting something done in half the time can be useful. What is most valuable is to realize you can. This attitude, slowly transformed into a strong willingness, leads to lifted mountains, and places that you never thought possible before.

Circumstances don’t define us, the Stoics wrote; it’s our response to circumstances.

Less Time More Done

If you have an hour to study after getting home from a 12-hour shift at work, then you’re either going to do it or you’re not. Only one thing is certain – you’re not going to procrastinate. It’s as simple as that. Restrictions are the cure to procrastination. 

A friend of mine will read standing up, restricted from serious permanent back pain; another will make magical meals on one burner using one pan; and me? I’ll stay up for 5 days straight to balance work and study.

Others will spend days procrastinating – in the end they won’t finish what they have to do any quicker than someone who’s restricted.

All this isn’t to promote limits as a path to high productivity – only a small reminder of the vast power of will and the seemingly objective excuses everyone uses as a getaway occasionally.

The mass of inspirational stories that sound close to impossible come from people who were in very difficult circumstances, who achieved much more than an average person by pushing through those troubles. These stories serve to teach others about perseverance, will power, and the right attitude. And, of course, how limitations can be turned into a positive precondition to personal achievement.

The other end goes in only one direction; it’s a story of giving up.

Which one do you choose? What’s your story? I’d really love to hear. 


2 thoughts on “Restrictions as a Path to Liberation

  1. Oh my, some serious talk here. I read a lot of inspirational stories but what really inspires me is when someone never gives up. Like for me, my career isn’t taking off the way I feel it could. I keep trying. Nothing inspiring about it but I know how to keep myself motivated throughout the struggle! Sometimes it is tough, but not impossible!

    • End of the year coming, so I need to get serious 🙂 Well, although you may not find what you’re doing right now inspiring, maybe it is for someone in your environment. A lot of the time, all it takes is to see an example of a person not giving up, who keeps going ignoring the circumstances. So perhaps not knowingly, you may serve an inspiration to others, whereas better times will inevitably come for you as long as you just keep going. Thanks for sharing Hajra.

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