What is worse having nobody around when facing a failure or having nobody to share your success? In a marriage we vow to maintain the relationship ‘for better and for worse’. If you had to choose, which one would it be?

It seems that in today’s modern world, people are increasingly becoming afraid of loneliness. And fear if not the most powerful human emotions, is definitely among the top ones. Indeed, in the constant race for success, money, reputation, many things are neglected and left behind. After all, it’s hard to have it all. The perfect balance between work and personal life is the secret grail sought for nowadays.

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Photo by Anthony Kelly

Tendency of alienation

While pushing for the ‘must’ goals, people focus too much on whatever is that they’re chasing after and abandon what is essential to our happiness and fulfillment: true, meaningful relationships.

One day you’re skipping drinks with your friends,  the next you’re canceling dates because you’re too tired to go through ‘getting to know each other’ and ‘another disappointment’ stuff and before you know it, you realize those true friends you have left either moved to other continents or have family of their own and no time for you.

This was a possible scenario in the past. Not just today. But, the present hastiness definitely causes people to feel alienated from each other.

In spite of being a big fan and defender of freedom of choice, ending up as Miss Brill doesn’t sound either as much of a freedom or a good choice to me. I’ve cried over that story so many times. Nothing sadder than an old lonely person with no chance of making things better; only enduring the time they have left.

Time to Share

Thinking about all this, a question popped in my head: If I had to choose, would it be a support if I’m doing badly or if I’m doing great. I guess both are equally important and the answer will very from one person to another. Because we all need support when things are going bad and also dear ones who will be genuinely happy when we do amazing things.

Certain people hide their falls and failures, choosing not to be seen as vulnerable and face sympathetic looks. Others worry that their victories are making their closest ones intimidated or envious and long for true celebration. Me? I am making the choice of not having to make this choice.

There will always be an important task in the agenda, another step for the high calling, but never a better time than right now to call a friend and spend quality time while crying over your latest fallbacks and toasting over accomplishments. Friends in need are friends indeed. Those chilled out times should never be a past, but always a present and a future. Vow ‘for better and for worse’.

What is your experience and choice? I’d love to hear from you. 

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