How many times have you been at a crossroad in your life? Did you find it difficult to decide which way to go?

Every now and then we find ourselves in a situation having to pick a direction: left or right, up or down. Sometimes it’s really straightforward; other times it is quite daunting, rather nerve-breaking experience. Having too much choice can often feel more stressful than having none at all. I get reminded of this on each supermarket visit, spending an hour choosing products. So, how do you make the move? Flip a coin, call a friend or hire someone to prepare a comprehensive analysis with conclusions that will shed a light on the right choice?

The world today offers everything you can think of. Opportunities, things, adventures, innovations are on the tip of your finger. This can be overwhelming and to many it is, thus explaining the expansion of self-help and popular psychology books. We’re seeking balance in life and I am sure that this was an unfamiliar concept to our grandparents. Choices were made early in life for them and what they concentrated on was walking that life path. They bravely accepted whatever was set out for them and continued. This is what we know and what we’re told: how to accept what is given, how to endure hardship, family values, pride and honor. But we, the new generations, have choices, too many that is. People have been fighting all their lives so that we can have all these choices and now we don’t know what to do with them. Are you also a fan of irony?

Though everyone has a unique approach in picking a direction at their crossroads, marked or unmarked, consider the following suggestions that are simple, but easy to overlook:

  1. When overwhelmed, think about the limited opportunities someone from your family had and what would their life have been with the present resources.
  2. Imagine if someone else was to make the choice for you. Keep pride of being the creator of your life.
  3. Don’t ask your friends for advice when you’re absolutely lost in where to go. They may confuse you even more, regardless of their good intentions.
  4. Trust your guts. Inner voice can tell you what you want. Beware of the implications though.
  5. Remember that nothing is irreversible except time. If you fail, you can always make a new fresh start, but don’t waste the time you have.
  6. Don’t take things too seriously. It’s not life or death.
  7.  If it’s not entirely an “or-or” situation, consider an “and-and” solution: incorporating several things with variable frequency and dedication.

Dealing with crossroads is an individual process, be it hard or simple. More often than not, we can’t skip through them. They shape a lot of character and personality. Instead of dreading them, why not look for them. Another crossroad: another challenge.

How many crossroads have you been at? What was the most valuable one? I’d be delighted if you share your experience in the comments. 


7 thoughts on “Life through Crossroads: 7 Things to Consider

  1. My nervous breakdown last summer was the big crossroad for me. It basically forced me to do something. It forced me to COMPLETELY refocus my attention and efforts on the things that really matter. It also helped me discover my creativity. This lead me to discovering that I am actually a writer.

    • That’s a great breakthrough and I’m sure you’re grateful for the crossroad. I cheer for your revelation and refocus. It’s good to remember these things when dealing with the next on the way. Thanks for sharing Jim!

  2. This post was just what I needed right now in my life and I feel like I can really relate to it. Choices drive me mad! I always obsess over making sure that I make the correct one in fear of the consequences if I’m wrong. Your tips are great and I’ve been trying to remind myself of them daily. 5-7 are my favorite tips because they’re so true! Thanks, Sophie!

    • Happy to hear this helped Kevin. Choices overwhelm me too. I’ve been in a situation of no choice for a long time that I’m still getting used to what to do when I face many. What I did learn though is to look forward to them and I know that even if I make the wrong choice it’ll teach me something and shape me further.

  3. I need to remember #6. It resonates with me because no matter how much I try, when I am in the moment, I most always forget to “not take it so seriously”. It’s only after the storm that I remember this thought.

    Anyway, great thoughts here Sophie.

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