How often have you wondered “what if” about a decision you made or didn’t make in your life and how things would have turned out? What if I took that job offer abroad? What if I stayed with my high-school sweetheart? What if…what if?

Personally, I am not a fan of the ‘what ifs’. They don’t bring any good. Not that I never think about these questions. It’s in our nature that we do. You never know what would have happened if you did something differently in the past. May have been better or worse, though never the same.

And although we all tend to rethink our tough decisions, it seems that small things are left unconsidered, unnoticed. Do they have no role in turn of events? Taking a different route to work can lead you to meeting the love of your life. Looking up at the last moment to spot the advert that invites to take yoga lessons, which will change how you deal with stress and potential health problems. Not answering a certain call? Going out that particular night at that particular hour at that particular place? This is very well portrayed in the film “Sliding Doors”: an insignificant, flicker of a moment changing your whole course. How big is that? You may analyse things over to tiniest detail, rationalizing or duelling “pros” and “cons”, try to weigh consequences, but never put those passing moments to any thought. We can’t, no matter how much we want. Rather than finding it desperate and uncertain, why not admire this not knowing, always expecting a surprise.

Although we can’t look forward, the other way round is definitely possible. Connecting the dots, finding a pattern that was there all along like an invisible net. Here lies the beauty: looking at the entire picture – beginning, middle and end. There’s consolation for everyone. Those who believe in destiny and the rest who can locate a messy order in the otherwise general chaos.

It’s surprising how it’s almost always very simple, like the truth. That single passing moment that determines – how simple, yet majestic. 

Have any insignificant, but rather important moment changed everything for you? Feel free to share in the comments. 


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