Are you more concerned with ideas or form? Imagination or style?

What’s more important: figuring out a fantastic idea or the various ways of developing it? Most will probably say both are equally important. But nothing stands equal in life. Everything has its own place, higher or lower, even by millimeters.

Sure, ideas and form alike are significant for creating a master-piece or revealing new scientific findings. What about the rest? Imagine if our favorite authors, musicians, painters, scientists were too overwhelmed with their thoughts and spent all their lives trying to produce the perfect invention. Wouldn’t have that been the biggest loss in the history of civilization?

I recently read the unusual biography of Gustave Flaubert, ‘Flaubert’s Parrot’ by Julian Barnes, and throughout the book the author mentions Flaubert’s obsession with form and style. Apparently, this great 19th century French writer had so many ideas for books that he never got around to write. Nowadays, we have many authors who consistently come up with a book per year. So, I wonder whether we should celebrate Flaubert’s thoroughness or grieve for the dozen manuscripts that are forever lost.

Ideas turn the world around. They make life interesting, fun, creative, enjoyable, and wanted. They cause revolutions, art, and science and make people what they are. Why should we keep them for ourselves? Wasting time on whether someone else will like it or not is just that: wasting time.

Companies pay for ideas. That’s the only thing they need in fact. Ideas are the vision that apparently every leader needs. All start-ups are based on a  “eureka moment”. This isn’t to say that all of them succeed. Many do fail indeed, due to wrong timing, lack of finance, improper promotion etc. etc. Is it so wrong though to assume that if someone is a jukebox for ideas, the form of presenting it/them doesn’t matter? There’s always space for improvement, but why not make something a work in progress? This blog is a work in progress. My intention is to redesign it, properly theme it and make it more organized. However, this didn’t stop me from starting.

Everyone looks back at their earlier work with a bit of dissatisfaction, which is a good indicator of one’s striving personality. ‘I could have changed this part’ or ‘This shouldn’t have been included’. Still, all those ‘mistakes’ and ‘poor work’ mark your evolution and growth. One day you’ll have the chance to put everything in front of you and see where you’ve started and how far you’ve come since then. Alternatively, you can constantly pick up on your existent work, by doing re-writes, re-designs, and update reports. A friend of mine actually did this to his third novel after it was published and awarded. Discontent with the result, he rewrote certain parts and published a 2nd edition. And guess what? He won another prize.

The choice is yours. Open your notes and allow the world know about your fantastic thoughts. You’ll improve later. Don’t let your ideas slip away, especially when they’re new and sparkling with passion and enthusiasm. People feel and value those things.  It is high time for all of us to bombard the world with our ideas. 


7 thoughts on “Do You Value Ideas or Style?

  1. This is a great message and encouragement that it’s okay to fail. We have allowed our society to place a stigma on doing things right the first time. I see this with my six-year-old when it comes to reading. He’s afraid to sound out words and be wrong, so he pretends not to know. And then I get frustrated because he doesn’t even try. It’s the continual pursuit that’s important. It’s being active, not passive.
    I came to this realization when I first started my own blog. For too long, I convinced myself that I didn’t have anything worthy to write. I had the notion that if my thoughts weren’t going to bring me some sort of fame, then I shouldn’t bother. Honestly, I still struggle with this, but I’m getting more comfortable with just writing for the sake of giving my imagination an outlet. I’m all over the place with topics and content, but I don’t really care. I’m writing. That’s what matters to me now.

    • Very well said Jason. And a literature teacher always has something to say, wouldn’t you agree? So, I’m glad that you’re writing. I’ve shared the same feelings as you before and probably it’s all the books we read that set a standard in our mind of what’s worthy and make you feel far away from all that. Keep up with your blog and spill your ideas out there. It is worthy. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Sophie, I can’t remember who said this but you can have all the greatest ideas in the world but if you cannot articulate them then they remain just that; ideas.

    Great post!

    The concept of starting something and refining it as you go, watching it’s evolution and learning from it as you and it grow together is brilliant. I just love it when people have that attitude because they then have forgone the fear that so may people have of sharing their thoughts and ideas and have moved on to “doing”.

    I wish you all the luck in your growth and with this site. You are well on your way, for sure. See you soon (figuratively speaking) I am sure.

    • Thanks for the support Ralph! It is true that you need to start articulating your ideas; otherwise nothing will ever happen. As for the starting and refining, I believe it’s what makes us grow. If we’re satisfied from the start, we’ll never get far. Questioning things, going one step further is the path of achievement. I appreciate your input and see you soon in our virtual world.

  3. When Tharg the flint knapper shared his methods for making better axes, the whole tribe benefitted. That’s why I share my ideas.

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