Where do you spend your money? On what specifically? Have you analyzed your weaknesses and preferences for spending?

We all choose to spend money on different things, but one thing is for sure: everybody spends. You need food and water of course, but after you satisfy your physiological needs, what else? Clothes, cars, gadgets, savings?

Different people, different priorities. I say priorities from the obvious reason that we can’t have everything; therefore we must prioritize. Some people prefer saying sacrifice, since you sacrifice one thing on behalf of something else you find more important.

Now, why do I say invest in the title? In my opinion, if we concentrate on investing instead of spending, we all might be better off. Before you buy anything, just ask yourself whether what you intend to purchase is an investment or a waste of money and you’ll find it easier to justify your original intention or you may stop yourself from doing something very impulsive.

If you have the option, don’t save money on experiences. Rather save on things you don’t really need, but you’re used to having. Do you desperately need a new pair of shoes? How many do you already have? By the way, I have 4 for all seasons and possible occasions.

Why do I encourage you to invest in experiences? Because they can provide you with such delight, joy, motivation, pleasant, cherished memories, and inspiration that a car, a phone, computer or a new coffee machine can’t. Just imagine returning from a trip without any photos. Will that make you forget about the whole thing or will it just be an experience that you’ll constantly return to in your head? The memory of everything you’ve seen, smelled, touched can be replayed and relived countless times and you can allow yourself to dream and remind yourself of everything you’ve learned or experienced there and then. Is there anything more empowering than a concert? I float in clouds for days afterwards. Can your new TV give you the rest and comfort of going away for a holiday? Visiting a new country? Attending a seminar? Swimming with dolphins?

These are all valuable experiences that upgrade you, not in status, but in character, personality, heart and mind. Go out there and explore. Then you can turn it into whatever else you want, but you’ll never break it or lose it. You’ll always carry it with you. 


8 thoughts on “What Do You Invest In?

  1. Great question. I agree and am all about exploration, it is the best way to learn and grow. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a memory is worth 10,000!

    When it comes to investing, here are my priorities – church/God, family (including travel/experiences), savings, home/stuff.

    • Indeed Cole, a memory is worth more than anything else. So glad to hear that you’re embracing the experiences rather than fretting away. Thanks for stopping buy; appreciate it!

  2. Great post, Sophie. Very motivational. As far as the money aspect goes, I believe in simplicity. There’s too much junk in the world that we don’t need. Our desires for it create greed and this need to collect more and more. We spend our days working so that we can afford all of it. It’s just a shame.

    I totally agree with what you said about investing in experiences. I’m not the type to take pictures because I don’t see the point. Yes, it’s nice to have them, but I feel it is only to show others. I’ll never forget that memory if it was worth remembering. I don’t want to experience life through a lens. If I did, I’d look it up on the Internet!

    • Oh, so happy to hear that it sounds motivational. Yeah, it’s a shame and we don’t even realize it most of the time. Advertising definitely makes it worse, which is why I don’t turn on my TV at all. What’s the point of someone leading you to want something that you wouldn’t otherwise? As for experiences, to me they are life itself. I want to have as many as possible, even if it means living poor for as long as it takes. Thanks for the support Kevin.

    • Thank you for the kind words and stopping by. Glad to hear you’re into experiences too; and probably the more we experience the more we look for them. Cummings does sum beautifully what I wanted to express. Thanks for pointing him out; it’s a great way to start my morning.

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