Are you inspired or intimidated by people who you’re looking up to? One doesn’t exclude the other and I’m sure this depends on case to case.

Certain people are simply born to inspire others. Whatever they do or end up doing is greatly admired, but their positive attitude and approach to people is inspiring and causes others to act.

On the other side are those that have produced amazing work, beautiful and remarkable things that other people think are at unreachable heights. Nobody can ever get there or surpass it.

When you think about what you are doing in comparison to those people, you feel intimidated, frightened, blocked, unwilling and you step back.

Why is this and how can we turn the feeling of intimidation into a feeling of inspiration?

Feeling intimidated is nothing else than being scared and insecure. Have you noticed that self-confident people are not scared by new challenges? They actually seek them.

Instead of focusing on how you’ll never be the next Stephen King or Jamie Oliver, pose new standards – of being you. And remember that even they had their own heroes, but that didn’t stop them finding their own path. The world has never seen your work, your ideas, and your thoughts. It’ll always be original.

Comparing your work to others is a vain attempt. It leads to nothing productive. Try to please yourself by making your concepts real. You’ll feel better immediately because you would have materialized your ideas and brought something new to this world.

As for the wonderful things by others, enjoy their beauty. That’s why they were made: to be admired, looked at, inspire.

And when you face your fears and decide to go for it, don’t forget to check with those who admire your work and make sure they’re inspired by it. Don’t give them recipes for success. Lead them to find their own way of being what they are.


8 thoughts on “Are You Inspired or Intimidated by Others?

  1. Hmmmm……I say steal your heroes ideas…..ergo, Austin Kleone, but do it in the right way. As inspiration. Otherwise, I am on exactly the same page. Inspiration and ideas interpreted by you are as similar on the surface and as unique in detail as a fingerprint. We all have them but they are unique to you.

    Go forth and create. In the process forget to be intimidated. Forget because your deep into your art and have neglected fear. You just forgot and when you realize it you will have made a dent in the world.

    Great ideas Sophie. Keep ’em rolling.

  2. Exactly to the point Ralph! Except for the stealing part…haha..Create and forget about everything else and when you finally look up, you’ll see there was no need to be afraid in the first place and that your work will always be only yours. Thanks for contributing constantly; your support is amazing.

  3. I am both confident in my own abilities and sometimes intimidated by others. I believe I write well. Or, at least, I am a good story teller. However I know I have weaknesses as an author. So I have faith in myself as a writer and storyteller, but I often wonder if my weaknesses will keep me from becoming as good as I can. This leads to a little bit of intimidation when I read the writings set down by others. Yet I continue work on my weaknesses and face the fear head on, if I don’t I will never reach my goals. I believe I am as good as people like Stephen King, etc. At least I believe that if I let a good amount of time pass between the time I write a story and the time I reread it, heh. Ah well – I’m still a work in progress.

    • Hey Warren, it seems to me you have the right attitude. Of course we all have our weaknesses, but if they stop us from working on ourselves and pushing our ideas then we will never have anything and end up like cowards. Whenever you feel intimidated, go back to those who appreciate your work and you’ll realize that it’s worth it and your work is adding something to peoples’ lives. Thanks for stopping by. You’re always welcome.

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  5. WOW, sophie, thank you so much for writing this. I’m challenged and encouraged by this. I keep wondering why I’m so afraid to really go for what I want. It definitely is because I’m intimidated by others and that leads me to feeling very inadequate.
    But now I know that there is no one else out there that is like me therefore when I create and come up with ideas, they are from me.

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