Do you feel the need of running away from everything, somewhere far, far away from where you’re? You long to break free, sick and tired of all the daily pains. You can even imagine it in your mind: driving away to a secluded house near a lake or maybe an unknown town where you would be a complete stranger.

Guess what? You can. Forget all that talk about having to be responsible as an adult, job responsibilities and similar. Set off somewhere. Don’t plan where; it’ll feel more like an escape if it’s unplanned. On the way, let your thoughts take over, allow yourself to be angry and hurt and let it all out. Scream, cry, weep, shout, do whatever you need to. Stop only when you get totally exhausted. Give yourself space not to think about anything – just be with yourself, all emptied out. After a while, you’ll feel better. You may end up discovering new angles to your problems, something you haven’t thought of before.

They say you can’t run away from yourself. Though, you can always make an escape, even if it’s a temporary one. Put everything behind you and think about what you would do. Give yourself the chance to make the escape. Get lost. Now what? Do you want to reinvent yourself? Live a completely different life? Then, you may as well go back and start working on it. The urge to escape is actually telling you that you’re not satisfied and that you desperately need a change in your life. Pack your things and embrace whatever you’re wishing for. Disregard all conventionality and form your reality. Many extraordinary people have done it. Why not be one of them? If you’re thinking about it, you have what it takes. It shows that you are not molded by society. Become unconventional, show your true self to the world and be honest.

The other option is to return with this realization and use it. How? That’s an entirely different issue, but the first step of recognizing and understanding what you need and want is the hardest. At least you have that in your hands. Start acting. Consider how you can make a change, with small shifts every day. Maybe you want to live in a different society, surrounding, culture, and people. If you’re thinking about it everyday, you may want to consider it fully and make a decision to do it.

Don’t ignore your needs, because your body and subconscious are trying to tell you something. Listen. Search inside. The answer is there. Always. 

Have you ever wanted to run away? Did you make the escape? I’d like to hear your experiences. 


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