What did you want to be when you grow up? Do you remember?

Many people struggle with finding their real passion in life, their true “calling”. Whereas it may be easy to realize what you definitely don’t want to do, the right thing is not so obvious, at least for some. So what do you do? Go to a career advisor? Ask your friends what they think you’re good at? Experiment with different things, in the hope of eventually getting to the answer?

Why not try and remember what you wanted as a child. Children are the ultimate sincere humans. They are compelled to act through emotions and they’re always true; not constrained by adulthood fears and they feel free to let their imagination go wild. Maybe certain children’s desires are only a fancy and affected by their “heroes”, but it’s worth turning back to these childhood innocent aspirations. They can tell a lot about you. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how much you enjoyed playing the piano. Maybe you’ve suppressed your passion for math, because everybody thought you’re a total geek. Or you simply don’t remember what you were keen on as a child. Ask your parents, dig in your diaries. You may end up finding your lifetime dream.

Last year, I found an essay that I wrote when I was 10 years old. It was an English language assignment on the topic “where do you see yourself in the future?” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It seemed like I’ve painted my future into words even at that age. Tears came to my eyes, and not because of all the spelling and grammar mistakes. There it was – the truth. The 10 year old I was telling me to keep going, to stay strong, because the passion has always been there. I did and I am in honour of that hoping and determined child.

The other day, my sister asked me if I remember that I wanted to be an inventor when I grow up. I nodded and blushed, all embarrassed. That was the word I used when I was 7 or 8 and it was silly. But then she said: “In a way, that’s what you are”. My heart stopped. I needed those words and I instantly knew that I’m on the right path.

What were your childhood aspirations? Share in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Childhood Gives Answers: Dig In

  1. Fantastic question. I am still trying to answer the “who am I?” one from the other day. Sheesh…;-) Hey, I love that you found a letter from your childhood. That’s cool. There’s an on-line tool you can use to send yourself a message in the future. http://futureme.org Try it out. I did and sent myself a note for my 1 year anniversary in the blogging world.

    • Thanks; it was very interesting and emotional for sure. Yet, it revealed things to me and I’m very grateful. I’ll try out the link you sent me; message to my future self. Great!

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