Are you a writer? A photographer? A manager or maybe a dancer? Are you really?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how most people identify themselves with what they do. Undeniably, our vocation takes most of our time and definitely tells a lot about a person, but is that all? Are all photographers, writers, artists very much alike? Are these their identities?

Certainly not. Every writer has different likings, lifestyle, personality, habits, social conventions and individuality. And though many may share common interests, they don’t have the same features. So why present yourself as such and limit to the stereotypes of that particular vocation?

In the movie “Anger Management”, Jack Nicholson plays the part of a therapist and when Adam Sandler is sent to attend his session, Nicholson asks him to share with the group: “Who are you?” Sandler says: “I’m a pet clothes designer”. Then Nicholson replies: “I didn’t ask what you do, but who you are”. Although this is a comedy and Nicholson is intentionally pushing Adam to get him over the edge, it does make a good point.

For my part, I always find it difficult to answer the question. After all, it’s not an easy one. Philosophers have been trying to answer it for thousands of years. So, I usually end up bubbling something that even I don’t understand. If you don’t believe me, check the about me section on this blog and see it for yourself. And I assure you it’s not because I want to be different. It’s just the idea of me in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certain people who live for their careers, art or science and that’s everything they got in life. They are fully dedicated (or is it obsessed?) to their quest, but I sincerely believe those people are quite rare.

So why not stop putting labels to ourselves and broaden our identities long and wide. Show the world who you are. Because you are one of a kind. Everyone is. 


5 thoughts on “Are You One of a Kind?

  1. Sophie, good analogy from Anger Management. Jack was a bastard in that movie but very, very funny. Adam Sandler is a genius. Some people don’t like his sense of humour but he has had his moments. Spanglish was one of them for sure.

    “I didn’t ask you what you do.” That’s pointed and anwering who you are is a very difficult question. I am…..me.

    You are making me think. Bravo.

    • Thanks Ralph, this question always appears and reappears in life and I like to believe that it’s worth thinking about it every now and then and see if any new aspect of it will arise and surprise you even more. Who doesn’t like surprises?
      If you get to a new answer for yourself, let me know. I’d like to share insights.

  2. So well put. I think it’s a very American idea that we define ourselves by our jobs. One of the first questions that we are taught to ask people is “what do you do?” Rarely will the person respond with something other than their “job”. It’s helpful to push ourselves to think about what else we offer outside of our jobs. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    • Thanks. Maybe that’s why people feel completely lost when changing careers, but really there’s so much more in any of us than the work we do. Glad you liked the thought.

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